Time of White Horses

Ibrahim Nasrallah

Time of White Horses (Arab Scientific Publishers, Beirut and Algiers, 2007) charts the history of three generations of a Palestinian family in a small village, Jordanian author Ibrahim Nasrallah’s saga is a descendant of a genre introduced in Arabic fiction by Naguib Mahfouz’s famous Cairo Trilogy. Through the lives of the members of this family, Nasrallah depicts the tragedy of a whole nation under changing historical circumstances: the Ottoman rule, the British Mandate and the Nakba (the catastrophe of the Jewish occupation of Palestinian land in 1948) to the expulsion of the Palestinians and finally the post-Nakba era.

Since being shortlisted for IPAF, Time of White Horses has been translated into English by the AUC Press. To find out about more, visit the Translations section.


2009 Shortlist