The Kingdom of this Earth

Hoda Barakat

The Kingdom of this Earth

The novel begins in the 1920s and ends on the brink of the Lebanese civil war in the 1970s. The Al-Mazuqiya family live on the heights of northern Lebanon surrounded by magical legends and the popular history of their region, where the Maronites fortify themselves against their many enemies. Wars have passed through this region, shaking the whole country during the twentieth century. Despite great changes in their daily lives, the members of this family have lived on the margins of society and have been unaffected by the sufferings around them.


The Kingdom of this Earth is not a historical novel and its characters' lives are not representative ones. Through their simple pleasures and rugged existence, their moments of fun and their many illusions, they reflect the innocence of the ignorant, that which will not remain as it is.


2013 Longlist