May Telmissany


Author Profile: 

May Telmissany is an Egyptian writer and novelist, born in Cairo, Egypt in 1965. She teaches Arabic Studies and Cinema at Ottawa University, Canada, and is the author of three short story collections and four novels: Dunyazade (1997), Heliopolis (2000), A Capella (2012) and They All Say I Love You (2021). Dunyazade was translated into eight languages and has won prizes in Egypt and France. Her book of memoirs entitled Paradise Has a Fence (2009), about the experience of exile and travel between Egypt and Canada, was published in French in Montreal. She has published academic research on cinema, arts, popular culture and postcolonial studies in numerous periodicals worldwide. In 2021, she was awarded the French Order for Arts and Letters with the rank of knight, in recognition of her contributions in the fields of culture, arts and literature.