Qassem Tawfik


Author Profile: 

Qassem Tawfik is a Jordanian writer of Palestinian origins, born in Jenin, Palestine, in 1954. After graduating with a BA in Arabic Language and Literature from the University of Jordan in 1978, he worked in the banking sector in Jordan, the UAE, and several other Arab and European countries. In his final post before retirement, he worked as an auditor in a Jordanian bank. He has published five short story collections and fifteen novels, including: A More Beautiful Land (1987); Al Shindagha (2006); A Story Called Love (2009); Smell of the Bitter Almond (2014); Haemorrhage of the Small Bird (2017), which won the Katara Prize for the Arabic Novel in 2018; An Inn Above the Ground (2020); Abdoun Bridge (2021); and One Night Is Enough (2022).