Sausan Jamil Hasan


Author Profile: 

Sausan Jamil Hasan is a Syrian novelist and doctor, born in Damascus, Syria, in 1957, currently living in Berlin. She studied Medicine at Tishreen University in Latakia, Syria, and trained in hospitals in Abu Dhabi in the early 1980s, before practicing medicine in Latakia. In 2013, she resigned from her job in order to dedicate herself to writing fiction. She has published six novels, including Silk of the Darkness (2008), A Thousand Nights in a Night (2010) and My Name is Zayzafoune (2022). In 2020, she was the only Arabic author to be awarded a writers’ residency for those writing in languages other than German by the German Ministry of Culture. For many years, she has been a regular contributor to numerous Arabic newspapers, websites and journals.