Aziza al-Ta'i

2023 Judge

Judge Profile: 

Aziza al-Ta’i is a writer and academic from Oman. She obtained a BA in Arabic Literature and a Diploma in Education from the Jordanian University, an MA from Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, and a PhD in Modern Literary Criticism from the University of Tunis. She has worked as an Arabic language teaching supervisor and an educational expert in the Omani Ministry of Education and Teaching. Al-Ta’i lectures at Sultan Qaboos University and has published novels, short stories, poetry and children’s literature. She has contributed to research and academic publications and is a member of the editing board of the Eyes of Narrative magazine published by the University of Tetouan, Morocco. Her poetry collection Take My Hand, Since Autumn Has Gone won the second iteration of the Prize for Gulf Women Writers, in 2019. Extracts from her poetry, stories and novels have been translated into German, Spanish, Italian and Bosnian.