Mother of Mimi

Belal Fadl

The main protagonist of Mother of Mimi has dreams of studying Media and rebels against his family in order to pursue them. As a result, he finds himself forced to live in a shabby, miserable flat with an old lady (“Um Mimi” or “mother of Mimi”) and her eccentric son. After the old woman dies, he has to arrange the burial and summon her daughter and her husband, who are just as peculiar as the son. Um Mimi’s husband, Abu Mimi, had been forbidden by a court order from visiting, and when he arrives, the hero discovers another version of the family history from the one he has been told. Abu Mimi decides to adopt him, to compensate himself for disappointments with his own children. The hero also finds out about a conspiracy against him, organized by a girl he thought loved him, who sees in him a way of escaping from the shame of her family. He has to save himself from all this, having learned more about life, the world and himself than he would have done if he had just lived the comfortable existence admired by most people.


Dar al-Mada


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