Where Is My Name?

Dima al-Shukr

It is the nineteenth century and Qamour, a young Syrian girl, is working as maid in the house of the British consul, Richard Francis Burton, translator of The Thousand and One Nights into English. Qamour travels with Richard and his wife Isabel, living in London and Trieste. These trips allow Qamour to discover two new talents: manuscript copying and chronicling. The second task is dubious, marred by a personal wound of Qamour and an even greater one of her city, Damascus, in the 1860 massacre. The British consul gives her the task of collecting stories and eyewitness testimonies of the massacre, although the book will be published without the name of its female author. Where Is My Name? brings to life events and conflicts of the past, highlighting the sufferings of ordinary people and foreign, orientalist views of Arab cultural heritage and identity.  


Dar al-Adab


2022 Longlist