Mohamed Tawfik

Author Profile: 

Mohamed Tawfik is an Egyptian novelist, engineer and diplomat, born in 1956. His last diplomatic post was as Egyptian ambassador to the USA. He has published three novels in Arabic: One Night in the Life of Abd al-Tawab Tootoo (1996), A Naughty Boy Called Antar (2003) and Candy Girl (2010). Together, they form a trilogy exploring the development of Egyptian society throughout the twentieth and the early twenty-first centuries. He is also the author of two short story collections and a novella. His published writings in English include a short story collection, The Day the Moon Fell (1996) and two novels: Murder in the Tower of Happiness and Candy Girl, translated from Arabic. The American University in Cairo made Candy Girl part of the curriculum and first year students of all subjects studied it in 2014-2015.