Tarek Imam


Author Profile: 

Tareq Imam is an Egyptian novelist and journalist, born in 1977. He is deputy chief editor of the Radio and Television magazine in Cairo. He began writing at a young age, publishing his first collection of short stories, New Birds Unspoiled by the Air, at the age of eighteen. He has published eleven books of novels and short stories, including The Calm of Killers (2007), The Second Life of Constantine Cavafis (2012), My Father’s Shrine (2013), The City of Endless Walls (2018) and The Taste of Sleep (2019). In 2010, he took part in the writers’ workshop (Nadwa) for talented young writers organized by IPAF. Some of his books have been translated and he has won numerous Egyptian, Arab and international prizes, such as the Egyptian State Incentive Award, the Sawiris Award (twice), the Egyptian Ministry of Culture Award (twice), the Kuwaiti Suad Al-Sabah Prize, and the Spanish Museum of Words (Museo de la Palabra) Prize.