Boumediene Belkebir

Author Profile: 

Boumediene Belkebir is an Algerian academic, researcher and novelist, born in 1979. He has published a book of writings entitled The Last Text Before the Silence (2014) and three novels: The Myth of the Strong Man (2016), Zoudj el Beghal (2018) and The Alley of the Italians (2021), as well as numerous academic books. He has worked as an assessor of various local and international cultural programmes and projects, such as the “Directions” programme (Beirut, 2017) aimed at helping writers and artists with their travel costs, and “The Exceptional Component” programme, supporting artists, intellectuals and technical people working in the arts and suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic (Beirut 2020). He was head of the committee assessing projects encouraging reading (as part of the reading forum of the Ministry of Culture and the Arts, 2021).