Yassin Adnan

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Yassin Adnan is a Moroccan writer and broadcaster, born in Safi, Morocco, in 1970. Since his early childhood he has lived in Marrakech and for more than two decades has worked in cultural journalism. In 1991, he published the Contemporary Voices magazine and then Poetry Raid, which embodied the new poetic sensibility prevalent in Morocco in the early 1990s. From April 2006 until January 2019, he researched and presented the weekly cultural television programme "Masharif", before moving to the Al-Ghad channel to present his weekly cultural programme broadcast from Cairo, “Bait Yassin” (Yassin’s house). He has published numerous literary works, including: Pavement of the Resurrection (2003) and Notebook of the Passer-by (2012) (poetry); The Girls’ Happiness with the Light Rain (2013, short stories); and Hot Maroc (2016), a novel longlisted for the 2017 International Prize for Arabic Fiction. He is the editor of Marrakech Noir (Akashic Noir Series 2018).