Voyage of the Cranes in the Cities of Agate

Omaima Abdullah Al-Khamis

Voyage of the Cranes in the Cities of Agate is set in the fourth century in the Hijri calendar (11th century AD), a time when there is both flourishing intellectual movement and clerical opposition centered on the “House of Wisdom” in Baghdad. From the Arabian Peninsula, Mazid al-Hanafi comes to the Abbasid capital, burdened with existential questions, and becomes a member of the “Gharaniq” secret society. From there, he visits Jerusalem, Cairo and Andalusia, seeking to implement the seven commandments he has learned during his travels. The novel reflects the strong cultural and religious diversity in the Islamic world of 402-5 (1011-14 AD) before this was suppressed. 


Dar Al Saqi


2019 Longlist