Sufyan Rajab


Author Profile: 

Sufyan Rajab is a Tunisian poet, novelist, short story writer, and journalist, born in Enfidha, Tunisia, in 1978. He has published articles of literary criticism in the London-based Al Arab newspaper and the Al-Imirat Al-Thaqafiyya and Al-Hayat Al-Thaqafiyya magazines. He is the author of three poetry collections, three short story collections, and four novels: The Liberal Monkey (2016); The Factory of American Shoes (2022); Today is Friday and Tomorrow Is Thursday (2022); and The Reader of the Tanners’ Alley (2023). His short story collection The Last Hour (2018) was shortlisted for the Multaqa Prize for the Arabic Short Story in 2019. He has won Arab prizes for his poetry and his writing has been translated into English, French, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.