Salha Obeid

United Arab Emirates

Author Profile: 

Salha Obeid is an Emirati writer, born in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, in 1988. Her first book of short stories, Alzheimer’s, was published in 2010 and was translated into German the following year. Her next two collections were Postman of Happiness (2012) and iPad of Life in the Style of Zorba (2014). Her fourth book, An Implicitly White Lock of Hair (2015), won the 2016 Al Owais Award for Creative Writing. She is a member of the council of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority and the Association of Emirati Women Writers, and founder of the ‘Society of the Intellectual’ project. She was awarded the Young Emiratis Prize (Creative Writing category) in 2017, for her literary work. Her first novel, Maybe It’s a Joke, was published in 2018. Obeid also writes a weekly column in the Emirati newspaper Al-Ru’ya.