Nabil Suleiman (Chair)

2024 Judge

Judge Profile: 

Nabil Suleiman (Chair) is a Syrian writer, born in Safita, Syria in 1945. He studied Arabic Literature and graduated from the University of Damascus in 1967. He is the author of 57 books, including 22 novels. He has been awarded numerous prizes, most recently the UAE’s Sultan Owais Cultural Award (2021). His novels have been translated into Danish, English Farsi, Russian and Spanish, and they include: Night of the World (2016); History of the Extinguished Eyes (2019); Permutations of the Golden Human Being (2022); and his four-part novel Orbits of the East (2012), which was named 20th in a list of the best 100 Arabic novels of the 20th century, chosen by the Arab Writers’ Union. Among his works of literary criticism are The Sign and the Meaning (2018) and The Seduction of Narration and Criticism (1994). Suleiman has participated in and lectured at various literary and cultural conferences, seminars and festivals, as well as Arab and foreign universities, and has been a judge on many literary prizes.