Sherif-Joseph Rizk

Trustee Profile: 

Sherif-Joseph Rizk is a partner in Dar al-Tanweer publishing house, Egypt, and its director. Dar al-Tanweer was founded in Egypt in 2012 as a cultural foundation aiming to play an effective role in the cultural scene. Rizk selects the translated works which have proved popular among readers and made Dar al-Tanweer a renowned publisher in only a few years. In 2018, it won the Sheikh Zayed Prize for best Arabic publishing house, the biggest and most important prize in Arabic publishing. Rizk’s work in the field of publishing comes from his love of books and voracious reading habits since he was young. He helped to found “Kalima” in Abu Dhabi, the well-known and respected translation project, selecting the first works to be translated and then becoming its director. He focused on joint publication with the private sector of Arab publishing, believing in this sector’s potential to have a positive effect on Arab publishing as a whole. He then acted as a consultant to some of the most important Arab publishing houses, before becoming a partner in Dar al-Tanweer. He has participated in a number of international seminars and conferences about the publishing sector at the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Bureau International de l’Édition Française (BIEF). He is a staunch defender of intellectual property rights, as the necessary foundation for the growth of publishing in the Arab world, which suffers greatly from piracy, book forgery and all kinds of breaching of rights. He has professional and personal relationships with the directors and rights managers of important international publishers, literary agents and writers.