Nujoom Alghanem

Trustee Profile: 

Nujoom Alghanem is a poet, writer and a multi-award-winning filmmaker from the UAE. In 2014, her film A Near Sky won the Muhr Emirati award at the Dubai Film Festival for the best documentary film. She was born in Dubai, UAE, 1962. She holds an MA in media Production, from Griffith University in Australia and a bachelor degree in Video Production from Ohio University in the USA.  She began her career as a journalist in an early age then shifted to visual art at a later stage of her life. She started writing in the early eighties and has published eight poetry collections. Besides her professional work as a film director, Nujoom is also a fiction script writer. She writes her own fiction films as well as instructs writing and production workshops for colleges, universities, along with media and film associations in the UAE. In addition, she works in her country as a media and cultural consultant for a number of media and cultural institutes plus media companies.