Rules of Entry

Submissions for the 2018 Prize open on 1 April 2017 and close on 30 June 2017.

Download a copy of the Submission form in Arabic.

• IPAF is dedicated to the literary novel. Books of short stories or collections of poetry are not eligible

• Electronic books are not eligible

• Authors cannot submit their own work: submissions are to be made by eligible publishers but this must be done in consultation with the authors.

• An eligible publisher is one who has been in business at least 2 years and who is an active publisher with a catalogue or list of its fiction titles demonstrating its activity and which is publicly available

•The number of novels an eligible publisher can submit will depend on that publisher’s inclusion in longlists from 2013 to 2017, as follows:

1 submission – publishers with no longlisting

2 submissions – publishers with 1 or 2 longlisting(s)

3 submissions – publishers with 3 or 4 longlistings

4 submissions – publishers with 5 or more longlistings

The longlists for 2013 to 2017 are set out below.

• Self published novels or novels which have been published via a commercial arrangement through which the publisher is paid by the author are not eligible. If the publisher is a company then if the novel is by the person who owns the majority shareholding or otherwise controls the company it is not eligible.

• The novel must be published between July 2016 and June 2017

• The novel must be written in Arabic: Arabic translations of a book originally written in any other language are not eligible

• Authors must be living at the time of the award

• Only one novel is accepted per author, and manuscripts are not eligible

• Every novel submitted must have an ISBN number

• A novel which has first been published in installments (in print or online) before July 2016 is not eligible. This prohibition applies to any type of publishing or publication

• The novel must respect publishing rights and copyrights of the Arab country where it has been published and any novel which is published without the permission of the original author and/or publisher is not eligible.

• The publisher must submit seven copies of each novel, along with the application forms, to the Administrator’s address: Fleur Montanaro, IPAF, 100 Hill House, 210 Upper Richmond Road, London SW15 6NP, UK

• The judging panel has the right, at its discretion, to consider novels published between July 2016 and June 2017 which have not been submitted by publishers. The process by which this happens is known as 'calling-in'. The Administrator, acting at the request of the judging panel, invites the relevant publisher to send in the novel requested by the judging panel (7 copies and with the details required on the application form as for normal submissions). The work 'called-in' will not be counted as part of the publisher’s submissions quota.

• If a publisher submits a novel by an author who has previously been shortlisted for the Prize, this work will not be counted in the publisher’s submissions quota, that is, it is accepted automatically and in addition to the works which the publisher is otherwise allowed to submit.

• As set out above the closing date of submissions is 30 June 2017 and this is strictly enforced – submissions must be received by this date

• The Administrator of the Prize is unable to return any books entered by publishers or called in by the judges

• The decisions of the Judges at all stages of each prize cycle (longlist, shortlist and winner) are final and cannot be subject to objection

• All submissions are made on a confidential basis

• If a submitted novel is longlisted, the publisher must send ten further copies of the novel to the Administrator immediately after the longlist announcement

• By allowing publishers to submit their novels, authors are deemed to agree that if they are shortlisted, they will be available for promotional activities such as tours and media appearances related to the Prize, both in the Arab world and abroad

• IPAF reserves the right to reject any novel that does not comply with the conditions set out above and its decision is final; it may impose other sanctions as it sees fit.

International Prize for Arabic Fiction Longlists from 2013 to 2017

The Year of the Radio by Renée Hayek
The Witches' Resort by Amir Tag Elsir
The Slaughter of the Philosophers by Taissier Khalaf
The North Africans by Abdul-Kareem Jouaity
Swastika by Ali Ghadeer
Paolo by Youssef Rakha
One Room Is Not Enough by Sultan Al Ameemi
Index by Sinan Antoon
Hot Maroc by Yassin Adnan
Days of Dust by Zuheir al-Hiti

Here by Taleb al-Refai
Hymns of Temptation by Laila al-Atrash
The Temple of Silken Fingers by Ibrahim Farghali
People of the Palms by Janan Jasim Halawi
Mariam's Journey by Mahmoud Hasan al-Jasim
Desertified Waters by Hazim Kamaledin
Letters of the Storm by Abdennour Mezzine
Warsaw a Little While Ago by Ahmed Muhsin
The Prophecy of Saqqa by Hamed al-Nazir
The Black Brigade by Mohamed Mansi Qandil

Drowning in Lake Morez by Antoine Douaihy
Sharp Turning by Ashraf al-Khamaisi
Far from Clamour, Close to Silence by Mohammed Berrada
Riyam and Kafa by Hadia Hussein
Dont Tell Your Nightmare! by Abdel Wahab al-Hamadi
Graphite by Hisham al-Khashin
The Daughter of Suslov by Habib Abdulrab Sarori
The Size of a Grape by Muna al-Sheemi
The American Neighbourhood by Jabbour Douaihy
Female Voices by Maha Hassan

The Phoenix and the Faithful Friend by Ismail Fahd Ismail
Ashes of the East: the Wolf who Grew Up in the Wilderness by Waciny Laredj
Love Stories on al-Asha Street by Badryah El-Bishr
God's Land of Exile by Ashraf al-Khamaisi
The Bearer of the Purple Rose by Antoine Douaihy
The Edge of the Abyss by Ibrahim Nasrallah
The Sad Night of Ali Baba by Abdel Khaliq Al Rikabi
366 by Amir Tag Elsir
The Season of Pike Fishing by Ismail Ghazali
Clouds Over Alexandria by Ibrahim Abdelmeguid


The Kingdom of this Earth by Hoda Barakat
Jaffa Prepares Morning Coffee by Anwar Hamed
The Birds of the Holiday Inn by Rabee Jaber
Sinalkul by Elias Khoury
Lolita's Fingers by Waciny Laredj
The Return of the Sheikh by Mohammed Abdel Nabi
The Lanterns of the King of Galilee by Ibrahim Nasrallah
The President's Gardens by Muhsin Al-Ramli
The Goatherd by Amin Zaoui
Toya by Ashraf El-Ashmawi