Dr Khaled Hroub

Trustee Profile: 

Dr Khaled Hroub is Professor of Middle Eastern Studies at Northwestern University in Doha and Director of the Cambridge Arab Media Project (CAMP) at the University of Cambridge, where he also teaches contemporary Middle East politics and history. He is also the author of several books on political Islam which have appeared in different languages. In Arabic, he has published a poetry volume "Enchantress of Poetry" (Cairo, 2009), a literary collection "Tattoo of Cities" (Beirut, 2009) and, recently, a current affairs account "Fragility of Ideology and the Might of Politics", Beirut, 2010) and "In Praise of the Revolution" (Beirut, 2012). He hosted a weekly book review show (Al-Kitab Khairo Jalees) on Al-Jazeera channel from 2000 to 2006.